TEETYME Productions
At TEETYME Productions our goal is to provide you with a superior product at a reasonable price.

We are dedicated to providing the best products. I buy local whenever possible because: 1) I can personally view, inspect, and inquire about the product and its quality. 2) I am assured that the product is fresh and has not been sitting in a warehouse for months. 3) There is less stress on the environment. The product does not have to be packaged excessively to travel across the country (or in some instances the globe). This also reduces the use of fossil fuels. 4) It helps my community. Buying local provides jobs for my neighbors and keeps the farmers in business. This provides greenscapes making my area aesthetically appealing.
I use my products to make your life better. Our soaps are lovingly made by hand using the finest ingredients to cleanse and soothe. I combine oils and butters (olive oil and shea butter just to name a couple) with essential oils and fragrances to provide you with an exceptional bathing experience. Our soaps are very gentle.
Custom orders are also available with a deposit.
Give our products a try, you'll be glad you did!